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TK Holdings, LTD

TK Holdings, LTD is the parent company owning 100% of its operating subsidaries which include TK Mining Services, LLC (coal and metal, non metal industry), TK Industrial, LLC (oil and gas industry) TK Diversified Services, LLC (industrial construction, roads and fabrication), and TK Blasting, LLC (drilling and blasting). TK Holdings, LTD is responsible for overseeing the management and policies of all the subsidaries. Please see our subsidaries' individual websites for more detail.

Mission for TK Holdings, LTD

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best service and the most qualified personnel over a broad range of industries.  TK Holdings, LTD is committed to conducting operations in a manner designed to achieve and maintain an injury and accident-free workplace.  Respect for people and commitment to excellence in environment, health, and safety performance are part of our core values.  We demonstrate these values by providing our employees with health and safety policies and by conducting our operations in a safe manner.

Safety Mission for TK Holdings, LTD

Our safety mission is to maintain an injury-free and productive workplace by actively promoting safety and health measures.  TK Holdings seeks to maintain a relationship with its employees based on mutual trust, cooperation, and communication, as we strive to achieve our corporate vision of ZERO HARM.

Safety Mission Goals:

TK Holdings, LTD seeks to:
  • Encourage safe production with the objective of zero incidents/injuries;
  • Align safety standards with employees' and TK Holdings' expectations and philosophies;
  • Establish and promote a drug-free work environment;
  • Emphasize the value of the following: Proactive management of risk, Safety pre-project/pre-task planning, Safety orientation and training, Incident investigation and analysis, Constant communication of safety expectations and employee monitoring, and Meet or exceed compliance with regulatory requirements for safety and health.
It is the firm belief of TK Holdings, LTD that all incidents are preventable through the commitment, participation, and cooperation of all parties involved by
  • Emphasizing prevention by taking proactive steps that reduce the likelihood of an incident;
  • Issuing clear and concise instructions and holding individuals accountable for safety and responsibilities, including all activities within work areas;
  • Providing all adequate and necessary health and safety resources and leadership required to achieve these goals; and
  • Requiring new candidates to go through integrity and endurance testing prior to employment.

TK Holdings LLC / Team Members


  • David Schaaf
  • Earnest Schaaf
  • Keith Buhrdorf

  • David Schaaf
  • Scot Buhrdorf
  • Toni Andre
  • Erik Groves
  • Noelle DeJulio
  • Brian Stoddard

  • Director of Operations/Owner
  • Sales
  • Director of Human Resources
  • VP - Personnel & General Counsel
  • CPA
  • Welding Manager