"We are here to service the needs of our clients and to ensure we do all we can to help them achieve their overall goals for operations."

Dave Schaaf - Founder
Earnest Schaaf - Founder
Keith Buhrdorf - Founder

TK maintains an aircraft and pilot to provide immediate customer service.

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About TK Diversified Services


TK Diversified Services, LLC understands that choosing the right personnel is what makes a company successful.

TK Diversified Services, LLC's reputation has been built primarily on long-standing, successful projects in the mining industry.  
However, the personnel resources available to TK Diversified Services, LLC are quite dynamic and diverse.  They include a wide-ranging skill set designed to match any project and meet client goals and objectives.  With extensive professional experience, the TK Diversified LLC management team is uniquely qualified to provide project and operational support.  The significant level and range of expertise at their disposal ensures the safety and success of any project undertaken. 

Mining, Construction, Energy, Trade, and Manufacturing.
Administration, Payroll Management, Discipliary Assistance, and Human Resources Services.

Safety.  Priority No. 1
In addition to the safety protocols of the properties they work, TK's employees must also maintain stringent in house safety protocols developed with OSHA and/or MSHA and in line the regulations thereof.

A zero tolerance policy for unsafe acts including substance use is strictly enforced and all TK employees are professionally trained and safety oriented.