"We have built a team that is dedicated to the company: hardworking and committed to our projects and employees."

Dave Schaaf - Founder
Earnest Schaaf - Founder 
Keith Buhrdorf - Founder

TK Mining

TK Industrial

650 North Main Street
Delta, Colorado 81416
FAX : 970-874-1036
ONLINE: www.tkholdingsltd.com

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TK Industrial, LLC. is a subsidiary of TK Holdings, Ltd that specializes in field services for oil and gas clients.  These services include the following:

  • Backyard Services;
  • Chemicals and Drying Agents;
  • Reclamation;
  • Power Washing;
  • Tank Cleaning;
  • Equipment Operators;
  • Contract Labor;
  • Project Management and Estimating;
  • Cost Control;
  • Heavy Construction;
  • Oil and Gas Construction;
  • Welding;
  • HotShot Delivery Services;
  • Roustabout Services.